Why is tire care important?


Well that’s very basic and logical but let’s list out the key factors here for clarity before we begin:

  • They are the only four contact points between your car and surface. That means your acceleration, turning capability and braking depends on them.
  • Carry the entire weight of the car.
  • Have to overcome all obstacles on road and for some of you, even off-road.

Okay now that we are on the same page as to why tires deserve our attention, let’s look at basic signs that you can check yourself to see if your tires need replacement:

  1. Tread grooves disperse water from beneath your tires. Shallow tread will lead to a lack of water displacement (known as aquaplaning) and thereby resulting in reduced traction. Pay attention to this one as this is possibly the most important.
  2. Check your tire pressure at least once a month to see if there is any major change in it. If your tires regularly lose pressure, something is wrong.
  3. Uneven tire surface is another crucial indicator. For obvious reasons, tire manufacturers make tire surface even, so if you feel there is unusual wobbling in the steering wheel or a decrease in ride quality, examine the tires.

So what are few simple steps you may take to extend the life of your tires?

  • Firstly, stop hitting anything with the side of your tire, be cautious of it when you drive.
  • If you own soft tires like Michelin, avoid driving on rough patches like gravel.
  • Pay attention to your wheel alignment and tire rotation.
  • Don’t overinflate or underinflate your tires, stick to the guidelines on tire pressure.


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